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Time Trip Escape Game

Time Trip Escape Game

TimeTrip is an interactive real life game, where players need to escape the room in 60 minutes by solving a variety of puzzles and riddles in cooperation with their team. Our mission is to deliver the ultimate gaming experience in a unique and unusual way, creating timeless and unforgettable memories.

We have designed our rooms with a lot of attention to detail, every game is unique and one of a kind to ensure you will be part of something you have never tried before. Let us take you and your team mates for a time trip and soon after you arrived you will find yourself in a magical world, with many unusual challenges ahead.

We highly recommend our games to groups of friends, families, couples, team building for companies, school activities.

Our rooms can be enjoyed by all ages above 12, younger ones only with adult supervision.

Medieval escape game Budapest

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TimeTrip’s Medieval room will take you to an authentic age, surrounded with extraordinary design, while your creative and problem solving skills will be tested to the fullest.
About the game:
A wizard sent by God from the east arrived in King Arthur’s court yard with the message that everyone must test their brain to prove that he or she is capable of serving your majesty. With the help of his blind masters, the wizard built his test course in a dungeon underneath the Castle. The knights that are incapable of solving the tasks are ordered to be removed from their knight privileges, give up their position and leave the court yard.
Are you worthy of being one of the knights of king Arthur?




TimeTrips’s Jungle survival game consists of variety of puzzles designed by our team to offer you this
unique gaming experience in a very unusual way!
You need to solve our tricky puzzles within 60 minutes, using general knowledge, creativity and common sense.
Our game master will explain the rules and give extra help throughout the game, if you get stuck!
About the game:
Crazy scientists have placed a bomb in the middle of the Amazon forest to destroy the area, putting the jungle and it’s wildlife at huge risk. Their goal after completely demolishing the area is to build a lab for animal experiments that will make them a huge profit. You are part of a special unit and you have been assigned to stop this action by deactivating the bomb. The pressure is all on your team, the time is ticking, there is only 60 minutes left before the bomb would go off and it’s all up to you to save the rainforest!




Puzzles in two games


Happy moments in one game






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